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Crating Services

We specialize in on-site custom crating. Depending on the item you need crated, we offer Slat or Solid crates.
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We offer services to prep your appliances for transportation. Front load washers require a transportation kit to be installed before they are moved. In addition, we offer services to setup your appliances on the destination end of your move. We will connect and test each appliance to ensure they are working properly. If needed, we can provide you with either a 3-prong / 4-prong power cord for your dryer (depending on your connection)/ Connect and disconnect gas appliances.
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“I hired MCS Crating to come out and crate several items for my move. I was exponentially pleased in how thy handled my items and the customer service they provided me with. If I ever need more items crated, this is the company I will be Contacting.”
- Ashely M.
“I've worked with craters all over the US, and you are a true pro!”
- Colin M.
“You have been a pleasure to work with on this project! Thank You Jonathan!”
- Brad W.
“Thanks again for being super patient and accommodating, this industry needs a lot more like you out there!”
- Jennifer S.
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